Video: Capture of a Syrian militant in Karabakh by Armenian forces

Friday 30 October 20 - 17:22

ISWNews Analysis Group: Armenian media published a video of a Syrian militant captured by Armenian forces during the Nagorno-Karabakh war.

Although, according to the available evidence and videos from the Karabakh region, there is no need for further documents to prove the presence of foreign terrorists in Karabakh to help the Azerbaijani government, but watching this video is not without merit.

The Syrian militant confirms that he was trained by the Turkish military and sent to Karabakh with a promise of $ 2,000, and he also confessed that about 200 other terrorists had been with him on a battlefield against Armenian forces.

According to sources close to the militants, at least 2,000 armed mercenaries have been transferred from Syria to Azerbaijan so far.

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