Audience Question: Is it possible to reunite south of Saudi provinces back to Yemen?

Monday, 2 November 2020 - 09:37

Audience Question: Is it possible to reunite south of Saudi provinces back to Yemen? How do you analyze Najran delegation trip to Yemen and showing support for Ansar Allah?

1- After Ottoman empire era, some of Saudi Arabia southern areas were claimed by Saudis from Zaidiyyah Imams government in some short wars. Later in a series of negotiations in Taif city, then ruler of Yemen (Yahya Muhammad Hamid ed-Din) agreed to union of some areas to Saudi Arabia.
This doesn’t mean that these areas are not occupied but then government of Yemen agreed to union of them to Saudi Arabia.

2- Yemen, Saudi Arabia and in general Islamic states have different tribes and races. Some of the tribes in provinces Najran, Asir an Jizan such as Yam tribe are loyal to Saudi Arabia and some of them even fight for Saudi coalition in war of Yemen. (To confirm you can cross check the names of casualties of Saudi army with names of tribes of south of Saudi coalition.)

3- It is said that Saudis claimed the reason to assault Yemen is Iran’s ambition but this is only one reason to attack Yemen. The main reason in official and media are claimed to be “defending the lawful government in Yemen”, i.e., resigned government of Mansour Hadi, (Persian Gulf Cooperation Council considers resigned government of Mansour Hadi as the lawful government in Yemen) and “fighting with terrorism” and that is why the name of Saudi coalition is “Arab Coalition”.

4- Participation of Najran delegation in holy Prophet birthday anniversary ceremonies in Yemen is more due to the tribal relations of the area and these travels have always happened, thus, they are not a real threat to Saudi sovereignty.
The tendency to be part of great Yemen can be seen in some tribes and people in south of Saudi Arabia but it is not at threat level to Saudi coalition or an opportunity for Ansar Allah.


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