Goldin Family: “Netanyahu brought the nuclear files from Iran and failed to bring our soldiers back from Gaza”

Sunday, 6 May 2018 - 19:34

The family of Hudar Goldin, a captive soldier in Gaza, mocked Benjamin Netanyahu’s ridiculous show of providing super-secret information on Iran’s nuclear program, called for the release of their children along with other Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip.

The Hadar Goldin’s family mocked a protest rally at the memorial site on the eastern border of Gaza City on Friday. Netanyahu boasted a few days ago that his security could carry out a complex operation inside Iran and get half a ton of Iranian nuclear files. However, he could not retrieve the soldiers held by Hamas hundreds of meters.


Golden family said that the Mossad has been able to access Iranian nuclear files thousands of kilometers away while failing to reach the soldiers who are within a stone’s throw in the Strip.

“How have you managed to access the Iranian nuclear files and know how to bring them to Israel, while you have not been able to recover Hadar, but you do not have the courage to give the green light or you do not want to, and that’s the hardest thing.” They added.


During the last Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014, known as the 51-day war, 4 Israeli soldiers have been captured by the martyr Izzuddin al-Qassam battalion, the military branch of Hamas movement, and so far no news has been heard on the negotiations for the exchange of prisoners.

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