President of Azerbaijan: Shusha is liberated!

Sunday 8 November 20 - 10:56

ISWNews Analysis Group: This morning, the President of Azerbaijan announced the liberation of Shusha town while wearing a military uniform.

In recent days, Azerbaijani forces have reached the important town of Shusha in the center of the Nagorno-Karabakh region and cut off the Stepanakert-Lachin route near Shusha several times. Although Armenian forces spoke of reopening the route and repelling Azeri forces, clashes continued around the town and along the road between the two sides.

On November 8, a video was released showing Armenian forces taking up positions at the northern entrance to the town of Shusha, where they were fighting close to Azerbaijani forces, and from the point of view of the clashes, Azerbaijani forces appeared to be inside Shusha.

Clashes at the northern entrance to Shusha

Later on November 8, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, appeared in the Azerbaijani media and announced the control of the important town of Shusha by the Azerbaijani forces after 28 years.

According to the published images and evidence, the Azerbaijani forces have full control of Shusha, or in the worst scenario, most of the town is under the control of the Azerbaijani forces. On the other hand, the Armenian forces have started their counterattacks to retake Shusha, but considering the past experiences, the recapture of Shusha by the Armenian forces seems very unlikely.

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