Yemen: Missile attack on Aden airport + video

Wednesday, 30 December 2020 - 14:53

ISWNews Analysis Group: Aden airport was targeted by several missiles when the Saudi-backed government of Yemen arrived in Aden from Riyadh.

According to preliminary statistics so far, six people have been killed and more than 30 injured.

In recent days, the Southern Transitional Council and the resigned government of Mansour Hadi have formed a joint cabinet in accordance with the Riyadh agreement, in which Saudi Arabia and the UAE played a crucial role.

Local sources have reported the transfer of Hadi’s Prime Minister Moin Abdul Malik and his entourage to the Aden Presidential Palace. Local sources also said four explosions occurred as Hadi’s new cabinet arrived at Aden Airport, killing and wounding several people.

Video: The moment of the explosions at Aden airport

Saudi coalition media have claimed that several missiles were fired from Taiz airport to Aden, and several drones were spotted in the skies of Aden airport. Hence, they accuse Ansar Allah of being involved in this attack.

But AnsarAllah officials denied the allegations and involvements in the attack.

Mohammad Al-Bukhaiti, member of the political bureau of the AnsarAllah movement: We have nothing to do with the attack on Aden, and this attack is the result of differences between the mercenaries.
All members of the resigned government (of Hadi) were at the time of the attack on the plane, except for the Minister of Defense, who did not travel to Aden!

Moment of three missiles hitting Aden airport
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