Iraqi Forces Arrested Five Major ISIS Commanders in Syria; Images and Names

Sunday, 13 May 2018 - 19:35

Islamic World News Analysis Group: A major operation against ISIS terrorists in Syria was successfully carried out, in which five of the most important ISIS commanders were arrested.

The Iraqi joint forces, in cooperation with the intelligence units of the country,during a major security operation arrested five ISIS commanders on the Syria border with Iraq.


Brigadier General Yahya Rasool the Iraqi joint operations command spokesman said that under the supervision of Heydar Ebadi the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the efforts of the Iraqi intelligence units and Iraqi Joint Forces, a major operation against ISIS in Syria was successfully carried out.

In this security operation five of the most important ISIS commanders who were involved in the attacks on the provinces of Mosul and Anbar were arrested.


The names of the captured ISIS commanders are as follows:

1- “Saddam Omar Yahya al-Jamal”, known as Abu-Roghayeh al-Ansari, the security officer of ISIS in Wilayat Furat and commander of the Sharqi’ah Division.

2- “Mohammad Hussein Hadhar”, known as Abu Sayyaf al-Sha’batti, Senior ISIS commander in al-Mayadin.

3 – «Essam Abdulqader Ashour Zobaie», known as Abu Abdel-Haq al-Iraqi, the commander of “al-Fatah” special forces.

4- “Omar Shahab Hamad al-Karboli”, known as Abu Hafs al-Karboli, Senior intelligence officer of ISIS in Wilayat Furat and in charge for the al-Mayadin section.

5- “Ismail Alwan Salman al-Ithawi”, known as Abu Zayed al-Iraqi, one of Al-Baghdadi’s deputies and chairman of ISIS Training Programs Committee.


Brigadier General Yahya Rasool added that the operation took place along with air strikes to the ISIS gathering and nearly 40 other ISIS terrorists were killed.

Also other ISIS important terrorists like “Omar Abd Hamd al-Fahdawi” known as Abu Tariq al-Fahdawi the high ISIS official, “Abu Walid al-Sayyawi” senior ISIS commander in Wilayat Sham, “Abu Salam al-Kurdi”, “Ahmad Yahya Zaydan” known as Abu Hasan al-Askari the military commander of ISIS in Wilayat Furat were killed.




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