Parliamentary Election in Iraq after Defeat of ISIS

Monday, 14 May 2018 - 09:27

According to supreme commission of election of Iraq, near seven thousand candidates are competing for 328 seats in Iraq’s Parliament and eligible voters are 24 million and 349 thousand and 357 persons.

The most important parties and alliances are as follows

  • Shiite alliances:

1. Al Nasr alliance led by Haidar al Abadi

2. Al Fath alliance led by Hadi al Amiri

3. Dawlat al Qanun alliance led by Nouri al Maliki

4. Saeroun Nahv al Islah alliance led by Sadr and Communist party

5. National Movement of Hikmat lef by Sayyid Ammar al Hakim


  • Sunni alliances:

1. Al Watanieh alliance led by Ayad Allawi

2. Al Qarar al Iraqi alliance led by Osama al Nujaifi


  • Kurdish alliances:

1. Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Nechirvan Barezani

2. Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (after Jalal Talabani death it has no leader yet.)

3. Kurdistan Islamic Group

4. Kurdistan Islamic Union

5. Al Taqiir

6. Kurdish forces alliance in Kirkuk under title Watan led by Yusuf Mohamed

7. Alliance for democracy and justice led by Barham Salih


It is noteworthy that Masoud Barzani who led the referendum of Kurdistan independency has not voted yet.


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