Stormy Night in Gaza; Palestinian Answer to Zionist Newest Stupidity

Thursday 17 May 2018 - 12:12

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Gaza Strip welcomes Ramadan while They Moan for 61 Martyrs on Black Monday, Situation in the Biggest General Prison of the World is Tense.

Yesterday was a stormy day in Gaza Strip. In the afternoon, an Israeli Jeep and Zionist town of Sderot were fired at by Moghawemat fighters. A few hours later military branch of Fath Movement (brigades of Martyrs of al Aqsa) in an announcement take responsibility of this attack and call it the first answer to Zionists’ crimes on Monday.


Released photo by Brigades of Martyrs of al Aqsa from yesterday operation


An hour after this operation, Zionist Army threatened Gaza Strip by a sever and painful answer.

Zionists in the midnight and a few hours before Ramadan starts, bombed Moghawemat bases in north of Gaza.

This attack did not have a lot of damages but after that a heavy firing is heard in north of Gaza, whose details is not clear but according to local sources, some Zionist soldiers infiltrated in Gaza and are fighting with Moghawemat fighters.


It is obvious that Zionists’ crimes in the “Day of Misery” also known as “Nakba Day” will not be unanswered by Moghawemat and Zionists will have stressful days.

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