Suspicious Activities of the UAE in Iraq!

Author: Mehrab
Thursday, 1 April 2021 - 21:06

UAE’s activities increased in Iraq over the years which indicates there is a plan which can be Iraq’s security threats very soon.

The focus on UAE’s activities in Iraq started when Qais Khazali, secretary of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, claimed recently that an Emirati security team entered Iraq to train Iraqi intelligence service forces. It was rejected by the intelligence service but still started a debate to question UAE activities in Iraq.
Khazali had an important remarks regarding UAE’s activities in Iraq before which accused them to bring governors to power who are closer to them however it was done through tribes by nominating them including Dhi Qar. Qais Khazali also accused UAE for interfering in Iraq’s election 2019.

Iraq’s administration did not condemn the UAE-Israel normalizing relations during the Arab League summit in 2020. In addition, Al Kadhimi’s administration has not taken any clear stance regarding the normalizing the relations with the Zionist Regime.

Mutual meetings and travels of UAE and Kurdistan officials, president Barham Saleh travel to UAE in February 2021, continuous meetings between UAE ambassador and tribes chiefs and interrupting border ports functions are other UAE’s activities in Iraq which are strange and point at a certain goal.
It became so critical that even Ashab al-Kahf group, which is a Resistance group to confront US military presence in Iraq, announced that they will reward anyone who provide information about spying or economic troops of UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK and Palestine’s Fath movement up to $20k.

Considering the normalized relations between UAE and Zionist Regime and UAE allowing Israel to settle in Socotra island of Yemen and selling weapons in Libya, it is concluded that it is possible Zionists are backstage of UAE’s activities in Iraq. Iraq’s Resistance movement therefore has security issues caused by UAE to deal with in addition to US military presence in Iraq, which is supported by Israel and their domestic supporters.

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