Turkish Army and PKK casualties in northern Iraq

Tuesday 27 April 21 - 21:47

ISWNews Analysis Group: Since the beginning of the conflict in northern Iraq, numerous statistics and news have been published in the media of both sides about the death or wounding of Turkish and PKK militants.

Several days after the operation began, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that a soldier had been killed in ongoing clashes with PKK militants in Dohuk province. Later, Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that two Turkish soldiers have been killed and one wounded so far. The Turkish military also said 37 PKK militants had been killed since the start of operation.

On the other hand, PKK stated that 38 Turkish soldiers were killed and more than 12 others were wounded in northern Iraq.

Currently, clashes continue in the northern regions of Iraq, and if the Turkish operation continues, there is a possibility of a multiplication of casualties on both sides.

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