US-Turkey Agreement on “Manbij” in Northern Syria.

Saturday, 26 May 2018 - 09:50

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The Turkish-US Working Group on Syria met on May 25 in capital of Turkey and an agreement was reached on cooperation between the two countries about the Syrian issues.

On Friday in a meeting in Ankara, The United States and Turkey have reached an agreement on a roadmap of joint cooperation to “ensure security and stability” in the Syrian city of Manbij.


Following months of disagreements between Turkey and the United States on how to deal with the Kurdish military presence in northern Syria and especially in the city of Manbij, finally, a joint agreement was reached between Turkey and the United States yesterday to resolve this issue.


So the Turkish foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu and Secretary Pompeo will meet on June 4 in Washington to discuss the recommendations of the working group.


Turkish Presidential Spokesperson, Ibrahim Kalin, said that his country and the United States will establish a “safe area” around the city of Manbij which is currently under the “Syrian Democratic Forces” control and Ankara calls on the US side to remove the Kurdish fighters from Manbij and hand over the city to their true owners.


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