The United States of America, Out of His Fear, Was Forced to React to the SAA’s Operation in Daraa

Saturday, 26 May 2018 - 17:45

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Following an Imminent military operation by the syrian army in southern Syria, the U.S State Department urged Russia to stop this military operation.

In the statement, the United States expressed its deep concern for the starting of the Syrian army’s operation in the southern de-escalation zone which is negotiated between the United States, Jordan, and the Russian last year.


The United States also threatened the Syrian government that the U.S. will take firm and appropriate measures in response to this operation if it starts.


The United States claimed that the Syrian government, with the support of Russia and Iran, has repeatedly violated the de-escalation zones agreement which is created by Russia and Iran themselves.


U.S State Department bring up these claims, while terrorist groups like HTS, and other terrorist militia groups are not included in this ceasefire, and it has always been declared that the SAA’s consider this as its right to operate against these terrorist groups, whenever necessary.


In the past days, the Syrian army has been moving its military equipments to southern Syria and Syrian helicopters dropped Leaflets on Daraa, asking locals to drove the militias out of their regions and join the compromise agreements.


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