Rocket attack on US embassy in Baghdad

Thursday, 8 July 2021 - 09:18

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraqi resistance groups fired several rockets at the US Embassy in the Baghdad’s Green Zone.

According to local sources, the Tawhid base at the US Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone was targeted with at least three rockets at around 02:00 local time. So far, no information is available on the extent of the damage to this base. However, due to the activity of C-RAM defense systems in this area, a civilian vehicle was damaged.

The intensification of the Iraqi groups attacks on the positions of the US occupiers in this country follows the attack of the US warplanes on the resistance positions in Iraq and Syria on the morning of the 28th of June. Since then, US logistical convoys, the US base at Erbil Airport, Ain Al Asad Airbase and the US Embassy in Baghdad have been targeted by the Iraqi resistance, and tensions are likely to rise.

Damage caused by the activity of US C-RAM systems
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