Details of Ansar Allah’s proposal for peace in Marib

Thursday 12 August 21 - 17:08

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mohammed Abdulsalam, Ansar Allah’s spokesman and head of negotiations, explained the details of Ansar Allah’s proposed package for peace in Marib.

On June this year, a delegation from the Kingdom of Oman arrived in Sanaa to meet with Ansar Allah leader and Yemeni officials regarding the Yemeni war, along with Mohammed Abdulsalam, Ansar Allah’s spokesman and head of negotiations. These cases were not one-sided and unjust, and their aims met the conditions of peace in Marib.

Ansar Allah’s proposal was as follows:
“Ansar Allah in the first and second paragraphs of this plan has emphasized the formation of joint management and security forces from the people of Marib province under joint command.
The third paragraph emphasizes the expulsion of the terrorist groups ISIS and al-Qaeda, and the fourth paragraph deals with the reopening and operation of refueling centers, including gas stations, and the allocating the income of oil ships in Al-Hudaydah to pay salaries in Marib.
In the fifth paragraph, Ansar Allah called for the formation of a joint committee to repair the Safer pipeline (in Marib) to “Ras Isa” (in al-Hudaydah).
Other clauses also emphasize the security and freedom of Marib residents and the return of displaced people to their homes.”

The plan was not approved by Saudi Arabia despite the welcome of the Omani representatives, and Mohammed Abdulsalam finally announced the failure of the Omani mediation in the talks on June 19. Of course, in his recent interviews, Abdulsalam emphasized the openness of the way for the Omanis and praised their efforts.

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