Intensification of Turkish airstrikes on northern Iraq + video

Tuesday 24 August 21 - 18:04

ISWNews Analysis Group: More than 20 warplanes carried out an operation 200km deep into Kurdistan Region territory against 28 positions of PKK, according to the Turkish Defence Ministry.

From the early hours August 24, operations against alleged PKK targets in northern Iraq began in the presence of the Turkish Minister of Defense, the Commander-in-Chief of the Turkish Army, the Commander of the Land Forces, the Commander of the Air Force and the Commander of the Navy at the Turkish Air Force Operations Center.

The Turkish Defense Ministry said that more than 20 Turkish warplanes were involved in the operation, claiming that 28 PKK-owned bases at a depth of 200 km in Iraq had been bombed by Turkish warplanes. It is reported that some of the areas targeted by Turkish warplanes were civilian farms.

Two days ago also two Iraqi tourists who came to the Kurdistan Region were killed by Turkish airstrikes on the Batifa area in Iraq’s Duhok province.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the Turkish army’s invasion of northern Iraq under the pretext of fighting the PKK, more than 50 residential areas in Iraqi Kurdistan have been evacuated.

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