Oil for Lebanon, victory of Iran’s allies against the West

Author: M.Pakdel
Saturday 18 September 2021 - 08:55

The fuel crisis in Lebanon was one of the most important and main problems for Lebanese before the arrival of Iranian fuel shipments. The crisis, caused by political and economic problems such as the lack of a cabinet, rising dollar prices, fuel hoarding, disruption of fuel imports by private companies and fuel smuggling to Syria, has severely affected Lebanon’s psychological climate.
Accordingly, the lack of fuel for the generators of Lebanese hospitals to supply electricity, long queues at gas stations and the explosion of a fuel tanker in northern Lebanon, which killed and injured several residents of the city of Akar, inflamed Lebanese society.

Lebanese Shiite businessmen announce purchase of fuel from Iran by Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah to resolve the country’s fuel crisis, although some pro-Western Lebanese officials have remained silent or protested, But the majority of the Lebanese people and even Hezbollah’s opposition parties praised the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah for the movement’s positive efforts and steps to solve the people’s problem and the fuel crisis in Lebanon. Sayyid Hassan’s speech and the announcement of the purchase of fuel from Iran and its transfer to Lebanon caused the Westerners, who were passive in resolving the fuel crisis in Lebanon, to speak at once about supplying fuel to Lebanon and solving the country’s fuel problem!

After the Secretary General of Hezbollah, in his speech on September 13th, announced the beginning of the process of transferring fuel shipments purchased from Iran to Lebanon through Syria, finally on the morning of September 16th, a convoy of four fuel tankers arrived in Lebanon with the welcome of the Lebanese people. The tankers arrived at the destination escorted by Hezbollah forces and began to evacuate the fuel, thus marking another victory for the resistance front and the defeat of the Western siege.

Some important points to consider are:
1- Due to the silent war between Iran and the Zionist regime in the open waters, analysts expected that Iranian ships carrying fuel to Syria would be targeted, but these ships reached their destination without any problems. One of the reasons for not attacking Iranian ships could be the threat of Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, which shows the high deterrent power of the Lebanese resistance. “As soon as Iranian ships leave Iran, they will be considered part of Lebanese territory, and an attack on them would be an attack on Lebanese territory and would lead to a direct response from Hezbollah,” he said.

2- This action of the Islamic Republic of Iran showed that Iran does not leave its allies in difficulties and the officials of different countries and regional and international media analysts have repeatedly mentioned and acknowledged this issue. On the contrary, the US approach on Afghanistan during the Taliban’s advances in the country and the abandonment of its regional allies is an example of American behavior that was once again highlighted in the media.

3- The Lebanese people welcome the caravans carrying Iranian fuel and their appreciation of Iran and Hezbollah shows that this action has increased the unity between the countries of the Resistance Front and increased the acceptance of the Hezbollah movement among the Lebanese people.

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