Syria: Latest updates on Daraa front, 12 October 2021

Tuesday, 12 October 2021 - 18:36

ISWNews Analysis Group: In line with the reconciliation plan in Daraa province, several other town in the province joined the national reconciliation in an agreement with the Syrian army.

Syrian Army forces are stationed in the towns of al-Na’imah, Sayda and Kaheel, and the process of handing over weapons to the Syrian army and determining the situation of fugitive soldiers to these towns has begun. It is said that about 110 militants with individual weapons and 120 fugitive soldiers went to the temporary bases of the Syrian army to determine their status.
Russian forces are scheduled to launch a search operation in different parts of the three town, along with tribal elders and representatives from the cities of al-Na’imah, Sayda and Kaheel. In this regard, the Syrian army has sent a number of military vehicles and buses to the outskirts of Sayda.

Local sources in Daraa reported that a security committee with Russian forces had entered into talks with representatives of the two towns of Um al-Mayazin and Nassib.

Despite the deployment of the Syrian army in various parts of Daraa province and the delivery of weapons to the Syrian government, assassinations and insecurity continue in some parts of the province.

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