Israeli airstrikes on Quneitra

Monday, 25 October 2021 - 16:53

ISWNews Analysis Group: Early on October 25, Israeli helicopters targeted three Syrian military posts in Quneitra province in southern Syria.

This morning, Israeli helicopters targeted a Syrian military point in the village of Tal Korum and two other points in Quneitra province. According to pro-Israeli media, two watchtowers belonging to Hezbollah forces and another point near the Syrian army base have been targeted. No information is available on the number of casualties.

Israeli and Syrian government officials have not commented on the attack. This is the first Israeli attack on Syria since Israeli Prime Minister Bennett met with Russian President Putin in Sochi.

Hours after the attacks, the Israeli aircraft also dropped warnings leaflets in the area warning Syrian Army forces of any cooperation with Hezbollah forces.

On August 17 this year, Israeli warplanes fired two missiles at a Syrian military post in the Qars al-Nafl area on the outskirts of Hadar, in northern Quneitra province.

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