The National Defence Forces (NDF) Will Be Dissolved

Thursday, 7 June 2018 - 00:55

Islamic World News Analysis Group: According to reliable sources, The Syria National Defence Forces (NDF) will be dissolved after the SAA’s operation in southern Syria.

At the beginning of Syria Crisis, with the chaos all across Syria and outspread militia groups in different regions in every city, there was no capability to use the classic forces of the army. In this situation the presence of a fast organization like NDF was felt, more than ever; therefore the best solution to fill this gap was to create “Popular mobilization groups”.


So with the help of Iranian military advisers like Major General “Martyr Hossein Hamedani” and other well-experienced Generals,The NDF was created, using “Basij (The Mobilization)” as a model.


Creating “Popular Mobilization Groups” in Syria, prevented the SAA from isolation and depreciation, as the only military force in the field of battle.

In fact, “Popular Mobilization” filled the gaps within the framework of army and created this opportunity for army to, while decreasing its human forces, concentrate its main forces on main operations in the strategic points of Syria.


Recently, with regards to liberating most parts of the Syria from milita’s occupation and ending chaos of primary years of war; the political process in Syria increased, and with regards to war in Syria which is coming to an end, it seems that the existance of NDF’s military activity reaches to its end.

Hence, according to our field sources, Very likely the NDF’s activity will end after the future operation of SAA in southern Syria and The NDF’s forces will join the Syrian Army.


Therefore, with better organization of these military forces, it increases the power of the Syrian Army in one hand, and will prevent any probable division between the forces in the military organizations on the other hand.

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