Two Syrian soldiers killed by ISIS in eastern Homs

Wednesday 3 November 21 - 22:51

ISWNews Analysis Group: Two Syrian army soldiers were killed at the entrance to the city of Tadmor, east of Homs, in an attack by ISIS terrorists.

On November 1, ISIS elements in a Syrian government-flagged military vehicle approached a Syrian Army checkpoint near al-Birat road at the entrance to the city of Tadmor and opened fire on Syrian Army forces, killing two SAA members. After the exchange of fire, ISIS lowered the Syrian government flag and raised ISIS flags. At the end of the clashes, ISIS forces fled to the desert of Homs.

The Syrian desert continues to experience heavy fighting, despite extensive air and ground operations by the Syrian army and its allies against ISIS hideouts. This shows that the tactics and decisions of the Syrian army to deal with the ISIS cells in the Syrian desert are not effective enough and it must implement new plans to deal with the threats.

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