Military Knowledge: Dehlavieh Dual Missile Launcher, Smart solution by Resistance to counter Trophy Active Protection System!

Tuesday 7 December 2021 - 18:29

In the previous article, which reviewed the performance of the Trophy Active Protection System, we pointed out that one of the weaknesses of this system is the 1.75 second reload time of the counter.
Although the Trophy system is a highly advanced system with a very high level of engineering, which has led top countries in the field of armor, such as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. to use this system in their main battlefield tanks, but the solution to counter this system is relatively simpler and less expensive.

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Iranian defense engineers, considering the weakness of the Trophy system, have developed a dual and quadruple launcher (Pirooz system) of Dehlavieh missile in which the time between launching two consecutive missiles is about 0.4 seconds; That is, less than a quarter of the loading time for the rotating launchers in the Trophy system. The main idea is that after Trophy system deal with the first missile fired, the Trophy system needs at least 1.75 seconds to reload to deter the next missile, while the second missile fired from the Dehlavieh launcher at 0.4 seconds after the first missile, passes through the barrier of the Trophy system.

Also another feature of the Dehlavieh missile dual launcher is the ability to control remotely (up to 150 meters), which increases the survival of the launcher and its personnel.

It is worth mentioning that immediately after equipping Israeli tanks with this Trophy system, the Lebanese resistance was also equipped with these launchers, and in practice, the Trophy system was largely neutralized and removed from the equations of this front. It seems that Iran has widely equipped resistance groups with these launchers on other fronts as well.

Dehlavieh dual missile launcher specifications:
Laser beam rider system weight: 25 kg
Moving platform weight: 35 kg
Missile weight: 15 kg
Missile penetration rate: 1200 mm
Remote control capability: up to 150 m
Target range finding: up to 20 km

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