Bashar Assad: It is us that ask Iran to establish bases in Syria, not them…

Thursday 14 June 2018 - 12:18

Dr. Bashar Assad’s selected words from Hussain Mortadha’s (Al-Alam manager in Syira) interview with him.

– After the liberation of Ghouta, we were suggested with operation in south. there are only two options, compromise with militias and their leaving, or military operation.


– The compromise process is still without any results, for America and Israel won’t allow militias to leave the region.


– Iran-Syria relations is strategic.


– When we make a decision with Iran, we are only talking with Iran, and this decision is none of any third-party’s business.


– The Axis of Resistance will clear Syria and the region from terrorism, and won’t back down from Syria’s territorial integrity.


– We want stability for Jordan, because stability in Jordan, is a benefit to us.


– The new element in Syria War, after Syria and Iran, was Russia. And we formed a triple alliance. We, Iran and Russia are feeling the threat of terrorism not only in Syria, but in the whole world.


– We were suggested that if Syria’s relation with Iran ends, Syria’s situation will go back to normal, and this is unacceptable to us.


– Our relation with Iran is old and goes back to before of Syria War. Iran has fought alongside people & the army of Syria, and gave blood in this path, and we don’t forget this.


– I will travel to Iran as soon as possible.


– Some volunteer groups of Iranians, under supervision of Iran’s advisers, are present in Syria.


– It is very soon to talk about Iran & Hezbollah’s exit from Syria.


– This is us that want Iran’s consent to establish their military bases in Syria, Iran didn’t ask.

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