Rocket attack on US military base in Syria for the second day in a row!

Wednesday 5 January 22 - 08:45

ISWNews Analysis Group: In the morning of January 5, the US coalition positions in the Al-Omar oil field in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province came under rocket attacks.

At around 6 a.m. local time, US coalition forces stationed at the Omar oil field were hit by several rockets. After the attack, US troops fired artillery shells on the outskirts of al-Mayadin in response to the attack.

Yesterday, news of a rocket attack on American positions in the Omar oil field was also published by some media. Following an investigation, our field source confirmed yesterday’s attack. On January 4, another attack also took place from around al-Mayadin against the American occupation forces in the Omar oil field.

The US military base in the Omar oil field (Green Village and its suburbs) is used as a site for joint military exercises for the US coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). It is also one of the main US military bases in Syria.

Online map of Mayadin and Omar filed

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