Yemen: Latest updates on Hajjah, 7 February 2022

Monday 7 February 22 - 21:24

ISWNews Analysis Group: Clashes between the Saudi-led forces and Ansar Allah continue in the south of the city of Haradh.

According to the Saudi coalition media, clashes are still going on in the southern and southwestern areas of Haradh town, and Ansar Allah fighters have put up a strong resistance to prevent the town from collapsing. Last night, Mansour Hadi forces entered the southern areas of Haradh, using the night and the support of Saudi warplanes and drones, and there is currently a heavy urban war going on in these areas.

The claim of the Saudi coalition regarding the completion of the siege of the town of Haradh is not true, and due to the Ansar Allah counterattacks, the village of Bani Marwan and the heights of Mahsam and al-Hasenayn are not under the control of the Saudi coalition. However, due to the recent clashes, all the roads leading to Haradh have been blocked and the connection of Ansar Allah fighters in Haradh with the east of this district has been cut off.

Ansar Allah from the morning of February 8 to this moment, with two missiles and an unknown number of suicide drones has attacked the positions and gatherings of the Saudi-led forces in Haradh, Midi and Hayran districts. These attacks have inflicted heavy casualties on Mansour Hadi forces and Sudanese mercenaries, and the details will be revealed in the coming days.

The number of airstrikes by Saudi coalition warplanes in the northern part of Hajjah province has risen to 36 in the past week.

Ansar Allah forces are expected to intensify ground and air attacks on the Jizan border fronts in the coming hours to lesser the Saudi coalition pressure on the Haradh town.

The Haradh district center has been under a quasi-siege since April 2018, and the town is currently uninhabited by civilians. After the battles of the city of Aden, the battle of Haradh can be considered the second urban warfare in Yemen. Therefore, Ansar Allah sniper and anti-armor units have the most important role in these battles.

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