The Advances of Syrian Army in Lajat Region in South of Syria and Liberation of More than 10 Positions, Map

Monday 25 June 2018 - 11:28

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Following up to recent advances of Syrian army in southern Syria, more than 10 new positions in Lajat region, were liberated from the hands of militias.

From June 22, ground advances of SAA forces in Lajat region, located in Daraa & Suwayda provinces, have began. Following to these advances, in these past days, regions like Albostan, Deir Dama, Shomarah, Barghosha, Al-‘Alali, Almodawara, Jadal, Alba’iat, Haman, Kharbat Haman, western and eastern Shayah, Sakerah, Hosh Hamad and Sowaysa, were liberated.


After SAA’s advances, words are out about tendency of militias & Lajat locals towards a compromise.


Right now, Harak, Malihat al-Atash and Bosr al Harir regions are under heaviest artillery fire and airstrikes.


Despite recent speculations about absence of Russia’s airforce in operation of south, fighter aircrafts of Russia played a prominent role in bombardments of militias in Lajat region.


HD Map

Interactive Map



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