Military Knowledge: Orlan-10 Reconnaissance Drone

Thursday, 7 April 2022 - 19:33

The Orlan-10 is a Russian reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle designed by the Special Technology Center (Специальный Технологический Центр) in Saint Petersburg for the Russian Armed Forces. Orlan-10 has been in the service since 2010.

The Orlan-10E, an export variant of the Orlan-10 drone, was unveiled at the 19th FIDAE International Exhibition in March 2016, and ROSOBORONEXPORT (the sole state intermediary agency for Russia’s exports/imports of defense-related and dual use products, technologies and services) also announced plans to export the Orlan-10E drone.

The drone is used for a variety of missions, including reconnaissance, surveillance, electronic warfare, search and rescue, combat training, radio signal detection and target tracking on difficult terrain.

Orlan-10 specifications:
Length: 2 meters
Wingspans: 3.1 meters
Max takeoff weight: 16.5 kg
Empty weight: 12.5 kg
Endurance: 16 hours
Combat range: 140 km
Maximum(ferry) range: 600 km
Service ceiling: 5000 meters
Speed: 150 km
Engine: Saito FA-62B single cylinder four stroke gasoline piston engine, 0.75 kW (1 hp)

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