Announcing the Complete Liberation of Syrian Desert From the Hands of ISIS; From Claims to Reality!

Thursday 28 June 2018 - 22:25

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Yesterday the General Command of the Syrian Army announced the liberating 5800 km2 of Syrian desert from the hands of ISIS terrorists; but there is doubt about the authenticity of this announcement.

In this statement, it is said that the SAA during a series of hard battles against ISIL terrorists managed to liberate 5800km2 of Deir Ezzor’s desert completely.

So according to this announcement, all the eastern regions of Syria is under the control of SAA.


The news about liberation of eastern Syria is out, while before this, there were such official news about eastern side of Suwayda & areas close to al-Tanf region, but recently with another SAA’s operation in these regions for liberating them from the hands of ISIS terrorists, it is clear that before this, these regions weren’t liberated completely, or not all.


The news about liberation of large part of Syrian desert in one or several days, is similar to previous announcements about this matter; it is very unlikely that this large part was liberated in such a short period of time; also the situation of ISIL terrorists in these mentioned regions is unclear.

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