Increasing tensions in Sinjar; Iraqi Army attacks Sinjar

Monday, 2 May 2022 - 20:22

Despite the Iraqi central government’s agreement with the Kurdistan Region to govern the city of Sinjar, PKK-affiliated militants are reluctant to leave their positions and prevent Iraqi army forces from entering some areas in and around Sinjar.

On April 18, the “Sinjar Resistance Units” (YBŞ) fired at an Iraqi army convoy that was crossing a checkpoint near Sinjar. The YBS” and the “Izad Khan Defense Units (HPE)” also prevented Iraqi army forces from entering the areas under their influence.
On the other hand, the Iraqi army forces told the militants that they would go anywhere in Iraq and that no one had the right to block the army forces.

Tensions in the Sinjar region escalated after militants linked to PKK blocked the Snuni-Khane Sur roads in northwestern Sinjar and this morning (Monday) Iraqi army units in Ninawa province launched an operation to reopen the road and started clearing the obstacles.
After the operation began, snipers from the “Izad Khan Defense Units (HPE)” targeted Iraqi army forces, in response to which Iraqi army troops retaliated and attacked the sniper position.
As a result of this operation, the Iraqi army took control of the Sunni area. About 100 families are said to have fled the area following the presence of Iraqi army forces in Sunni.

A member of the Sinjar city council said: “Iraqi army forces have removed the pictures and posters of Abdullah Ocalan and the flags of the PKK and its affiliated groups and raised the Iraqi flag instead.” He said the deployment of new armored forces shows that the Iraqi army is determined to enter all areas of Sinjar.

According to the latest information, the Iraqi army gave the PKK-affiliated militants a few hours to leave their positions around Sinjar, otherwise they would face a “major blow”. On the other hand, YBS and HPE shows that they do not intend to leave their positions and leave the areas around Sinjar!

The incidents come as two high-ranking military delegations entered Sinjar in recent months, trying to reach an agreement with PKK elements to prevent the army from entering Sinjar.
It is worth mentioning that in October 9, 2020, an agreement was signed between the Kadhimi government and the Kurdistan Democratic Party over the Sinjar region for the joint management of the city of Sinjar and the retreat of the PKK-affiliated militants, as well as the Iraqi Hashad al-Shaabi forces within five kilometers of this area. The agreement stipulates that police and security agencies will be responsible for security inside Sinjar, and that other armed groups will be moved out of the city under the supervision of the Joint Operations Command of Iraq and the Hashad al-Shaabi organization. Despite the agreement, PKK-affiliated forces are still present in Sinjar, which has hampered the implementation of the agreement.

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