One third of the city of Severodonetsk under Russian control!

Wednesday 1 June 2022 - 07:00

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the operation of the Russian Army and the Luhansk forces (LPR) in the city of Severodonetsk, more areas of the city came under the control of Russian forces.

In recent days, with the infiltration of Russian and LPR forces from the east and north into the city of Severodonetsk and the occupation of the first residential areas, the urban war in Severodonetsk practically began. The advance of the Russian forces in the neighborhoods of the city is done in media silence, and only the images published by the Russian forces from inside the city confirm the amount of the advances.

At least one-third of the city is now under Russian and LPR control. According to some estimates, there are about 2,000 Ukrainian troops, as well as an unknown number of foreign fighters in the city of Severodonetsk. But with the Russian army advancing inside the city, most of these forces have retreated to the western part of Severodonetsk and will probably be pushed to Lysychansk soon.

The city of Severodonetsk, unlike the city of Mariupol, does not have strong defenses and the possibility of long-term resistance by Ukrainian forces seems unlikely.

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