‘Moses Staff’ hacks Israel’s power network + Video

Friday 17 June 2022 - 08:38

ISWNews Analysis Group: The hacker group ‘Moses Staff’ broke into Israeli regime electricity network, vowing they will “plunge the regime into darkness.”

The hacking group ‘Moses Staff’ shared a zip file of Israeli regime electricity network information and released a video in both English and Hebrew stating that “This is just the beginning. From now on, you will suffer irreparable damage. We will punish you. The goal is clear, definite and precise. This is only a small part of our access to your power grid … You will soon be in the dark.”

Moses staff hackers had previously obtained and released other classified documents, including personal information of the Israeli military, financial statements, etc., by cyber attacks on Israeli regime’s infrastructure.

In November 2021, Moses Staff released a trove of files containing the details of hundreds of members of the Israeli military, as well as personal pictures of Benny Gantz, the Israeli Defense Minister. They also hacked into Israel’s systems on November 14th and released 22 TB of 3D map of the occupied territories with an accuracy of 5 cm and profiles of dozens of the IDF’s 8200 secret unit.

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Video released Moses Staff hacking group
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