Tension in Suwayda; A security HQ was captured by local armed factions+ Images

Thursday 28 July 2022 - 11:56

ISWNews Analysis Group: The armed group known as “Rajal al-Karamah” captured an SAA security headquarters in the town of Atil in response to arrest of civilians in north of Suwayda city by the forces of “Quwat al-Fajr Movement”.

In the last few days, al-Suwayda province has witnessed one of the most intense clashes between the local armed factions and the Syrian government’s security forces. On July 23, the forces of the “Quwat al-Fajr Movement” affiliated with the Syrian security apparatus, arrested five civilians in the town of Shahba, located in the north of the city of Suwayda. This issue led to wider tension and armed conflict in Suwayda province, and dozens of people from the surrounding areas of Suwayda city protested this action and blocked several roads in Shahba town and its surroundings by gathering and burning tires.

These protests continued for several days and finally on July 26, a local armed group named “Rajal al-Karamah” attacked the headquarters of the Syrian security forces in the town of Atil located in the north of Suwayda and after a few hours of fighting, they managed to capture the SAA headquarters.

According to preliminary information, 17 SAA servicemen and local militia group members were killed and 35 others were wounded as a result of clashes in the Suwayda province in the past days. Contradictory reports have been published regarding the arrest or killing of Raji Falhout, the commander of the “Quwat Al-Fajr Movement” forces, but so far there is no reliable information about his fate.

It is worth mentioning that the local armed groups in Suwayda province are divided into three categories. Some of these groups are neutral, some of them are against the government of Bashar al-Assad, and another part of them are the pro-government groups affiliated with the Syrian security organization. The activities of most of these armed groups are similar to each other in different fields, but in the past years, they have clashed with each other due to differences over various issues.

Considering the activities of terrorist elements and the protest gatherings of the people of Suwayda province in recent months, it is possible at any moment that the insecurity of this province will exceed the current level and turn into a serious security crisis for the Syrian government.

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Tensions in Atil town
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