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Tuesday 22 August 2023 - 13:49

Anti-Government Protests Continue In Suwayda

Demonstrations against the deterioration of living conditions and against the Syrian government’s decision to increase the price of fuel continue in different areas of Suwayda province.

Wednesday 7 December 2022 - 14:30

Opinion: The riot project in Suwayda

Protests in the city of Suwayda in the south of Syria have purposefully turned into violence and conflict after a while. A number of civilians and Syrian security forces have been killed and wounded in these gatherings, which are held on the pretext of fuel shortages, power outages, and livelihood problems. But what is the truth?

Monday 21 March 2022 - 10:52

Syria: Protest in the south, war in the north!

The recent protests in Suwayda, the riots in Hasakah prison, and the rise of terrorist activities in Deir Ezzor and Homs serve as a security warning to the Axis of Resistance!