Bashar Ja’afari: If Idlib Does Not Come Back by Negotiations, the Rights to Reclaim it By Military Operation is Reserved for Syria.

Wednesday 1 August 2018 - 16:00

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Bashar al Ja’afari, the head of the Syrian delegation in “Astana 10” in Sochi mentioned that Turkish officials are the only ones who do not comply with previous agreements and violate international treaties.

He also said that US and its allies should leave Syria, since their presence is not lawful.
ISIS terrorists who attacked Suwayda province and committed crimes came from region al-Tanf, where US forces were unlawfully present.


Al Ja’afari said: “Israeli assaults to south of Syria is same as Turkish assaults to north of Syria; while everyone agreed to respect the whole Syria soil in the last Astana summit.
But Turkish authorities have not respected their obligations on the area of the de-escalation zone agreement and transporting heavy arms and equipment to Idlib province is against agreement of Astana summit and then they occupied Afrin and expelled the inhabitants form their lands.

Turkey not only committed military assault and occupancy but also violated international laws. They changed the identity of occupied lands with Turkish identity and this is exactly what Israel did in occupied Syrian Golan.”


Bashar al Ja’afari about future operation in Idlib said: “If peace negotiations does not happen in Idlib province, the right is reserved for Syrian Army to reclaim their land by military operation. Syrian people have the right to get their occupied lands by Turkey back.”

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