Syrian Army Operation Against ISIS Cells in South of the Country

Friday 31 August 2018 - 07:30

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Syrian Army advances in east of al-Safa region and managed to put ISIS terrorists in a siege in two areas.

In recent days the final stage of Syrian army operation for clearing ISIS cells from boundaries of Suwayda and Rif Damascus governorates began.


As we said before, due to the hard nature of the region and the rapid movement of ISIS members in the rocky and volcanic areas of al-Safa and surrounding area and the dispersion of ISIS in the environment, it is almost impossible to publish any high accurate map in this regard.


However, in recent days the Syrian army with advances in east of Safa areas managed to liberated Qabr Ayd Hanish, Qabr Sheikh Husein, Um Marzakh, Hatil dam, Hawiya Awadh, Wadi al Halawah, Ghadir Sus, Tal al Dars and cut ISIS lines between Safa region and Rughaylah heights.


Clashes continue …


Interactive map

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