Four New Points Were Liberated in Southern Daraa & The Advances of SAA Forces on Jordan Border

Monday, 9 July 2018 - 20:01

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Syrian Army advances on Jordan border, managed to clean 27 new border points and liberated the villages of Tal Shahab, Zayzun, Tabariyat and Kharab al Shahm.

Today, 27 new border points ( from point 36 to point 62) were liberated in southern Daraa.

Also the militias of FSA retreated from those four mentioned villages above, and so the SAA managed to spread its control in these regions.


Right now, the advances of SAA on Jordan border continues in order to reach to border crossing of Ramtha and to complete the siege on militas in second pocket, and most probably by the end of the day all the remaining border points, except regions that are under the control of ISIL, will go under the control of SAA.



Syrian Army liberated 7 new border points in southern Daraa, point 29 to 35.

Now all border points in southern Daraa are under SAA control except the ISIS areas.

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