The UAE ordered the destruction of Islah Party!

Wednesday 17 August 2022 - 09:43

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Saudi-led coalition forces were sent to the fronts of Marib and Hadhramaut provinces to suppress the militants of Islah party.

Following the Islah party’s opposition to the order of the resigned Yemeni government to hand over the control of the al-Wadiah border crossing to Al-Amaliqa forces, Rashad Al-Alimi, the head of the (newly formed) Presidential Council of Yemen, with the support of the UAE, ordered the dispatch of Al-Amaliqa forces, the Yemeni National Resistance and armed forces of the Southern Transitional Council to the positions of the Islah party in the provinces of Marib and Hadhramout. In this regard, hundreds of gunmen under the command of the Saudi coalition along with dozens of military and armored vehicles have been stationed in the outskirts of Al-Abr in the Hadhramout province.

According to local sources, the Saudi-led forces have blocked the main road from Hadhramout to Marib and prevented the passage of trucks carrying fuel and goods. Also, Al-Amaliqah forces have captured the base of 23rd Mika brigade in the Abr desert. At the same time as these developments, Islah Party militants are gathering their forces in the cities of Marib and Seiyun to defend the oil fields under their control.

The campaign of the Saudi coalition to suppress Islah Party is taking place while the leaders of this party have not yet given a clear answer to Ansar Allah’s proposals. In the past days, Ansar Allah had called for peace and an alliance with Islah party to deal with foreign aggression.

It should be noted that before the beginning of the tension in the Saudi-led coalition areas of Yemen, most of the important areas and oil fields in the provinces of Marib, Hadhramout and Shabwah were under the control of Islah party. With the increasing differences between the Islah party and the resigned government of Yemen, the Saudi coalition decided to impose severe restrictions against the Islah party, and with the large-scale intervention of the UAE, this group was driven from the city of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa province. The triangle of power of Islah Party is formed in three points: Marib, Seiyun and Ataq, and currently Ataq is out of the control of this group. Also, the main road between Seiyun and Marib has been cut off.
In fact, the Islah party is under siege in Marib and does not have a suitable situation to maintain its position. If the Islah Party does not turn to the savior proposal of its old foe, i.e. peace with Ansar Allah, it must say goodbye to the Yemeni political arena, because the talent and capabilities of this group are not enough to deal with the Saudi coalition, and insisting on the position of enmity with Ansar Allah would be the worst possible decision for them.

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