The governor of Shabwah defeated Islah Party with the help of UAE

Friday 12 August 2022 - 21:53

ISWNews Analysis Group: With the arrival of other brigades of Al-Amaliqah forces and the Southern Transitional Council militants to the battles of Shabwah province and the support of Emirates warplanes, the operation of Islah party to capture the city of Ataq, the capital of Shabwah province was failed.

After the defeat of Al-Amaliqah militants in the urban war and the advance of Islah Party militants towards the governor’s office and Ataq Airport, the UAE warplanes and drones heavily bombed the positions of Islah Party in this area. At the same time as these attacks, other brigades of Al-Amaliqah forces and the STC forces were sent to Ateq, and the militants of the Islah party had to stop besieging the governor’s office and Ataq Airport.

According to local sources, UAE aircraft have carried out more than 40 airstrikes on the positions of the Islah party in the city of Ataq and the areas of Ayaz, Nukhan, Al-Shabika and the northern roads of Ataq. Also, more than 70 militants were killed and injured in these clashes.

Currently, the base of the special security forces as one of the main headquarters of the Islah party in Ataq has fallen and the militants of this party have retreated to other bases and areas under their control, and most of the areas of Ataq are under the control of the forces loyal to Awadh bin Al-Wazir al-Awlaqi, the governor of Shabwah. Al-Awlaqi demanded the evacuation and handing over of the bases of the Islah party in the city of Ataq, but Islah party still refuses to surrender these areas.

Following this defeat, the leaders of the Islah party have announced their intention to withdraw from the agreement with the Saudi coalition and cooperate with the Presidential Leadership Council. In a statement, they held Al-Awlaqi responsible for the killing of dozens of people in Shabwah province and demanded his dismissal from the post of governor of Shabwa.
Following this issue, some local sources claimed that Tariq Saleh nominated one of his relatives named “Nasser Bajbil” to succeed Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaqi. Al-Awlaqi is one of the main pillars of the UAE in the occupied areas of Yemen, and it is unlikely that the UAE will agree to his dismissal.

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