Latest Updates on Conflict Between Southerners and Hadi’s Forces 25 August 2019

Sunday 25 August 2019 - 21:08

ISWNews Analysis Group: Hizam Al Amni forces(security belt) retreated from Ataq and Mansour Hadi’s forces could defeat Nukhbat al Shabwaniah forces and reclaim most of Ataq suburbs.

– Some media close to Mansour Hadi report to have control on all the bases of Nukhbat al Shabwaniah in suburb of Ataq which is more propaganda and has the style of Saudis. Engagements are still continuing in the area.
– Hani Bin Brek called retreat from Ataq tactical and in respect of Saudi’s mediation.
– Yesterday Al Qaeda militia ambushed heavily Hizam Al Amni forces in Al Mahfad en route to Ataq. Al Qaeda had left oil wells of Hadhramout to Saudis without any resistance before.
– Situation in Abyan province is unclear and most engagements are in Al Kud area that according to latest news the base of security forces is claimed by Southern forces.
– In Lodar, north of Abyan, there are news that Mansour Hadi’s forces have higher hands over Hizam Al Amni forces. Therefore, Mansour Hadi’s forces might broadcast “having control over Lodar” soon.

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