UAE prepares to attack Marib!

Tuesday 16 August 2022 - 12:26

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the tensions between the Islah party and other factions of the resigned government of Yemen, the forces of Tariq Saleh with the support of the UAE are preparing to attack the city of Marib.

Following the clashes between the Islah party and the resigned government of Yemen in Shabwah province, local sources in Mocha port city confirmed the order of Tariq Saleh to assemble the national resistance forces and transfer military equipment in order to carry out military operations against the positions of the Islah party in Marib province.

On the other hand, Mohammad Al-Bukhaiti, the governor of Dhamar and one of the field commanders of Ansar Allah, in a message to the leaders of the Islah Party, requested that this party join the Yemeni Salvation Government and receive the full support of Ansar Allah against the enemy, but the leaders of the Islah Party have not yet provided a clear answer to this proposal.

The conflict between the Islah Party and the resigned government escalated with the dismissal of the Islah party commanders in the city of Ateq, and until today, it has reached to force handover of government positions in Shabwah, Marib, and Hadhramout. It should be mentioned that in the past days, the Saudi coalition, through Muhammad Al-Jaber, the ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Yemen, demanded the removal of Sultan al-Arada, the governor of Marib, and the leaders of the reformed party, but he refused this request.

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