Latest Updates on Daraa and Quneitra 12 July 2018; Israel Missile Attacks + Clip; Liberation of 80% of Daraa by Military Operation & Reconciliations

Thursday, 12 July 2018 - 12:02

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The Israeli regime last night bombarded several Syrian Army sites in Quneitra, under the pretext of infiltration of Syrian drone in occupied Golan heights.

At the same time, sporadic clashes took place between the militants and the Syrian army in the province of Quneitra.

According to some sources, Israel attacks was a cover for militants movements in west of Daraa and the province of Quneitra.

This incident took place after the Syrian Army’s combat and armored units, which previously stationed in the south of Daraa province and the al-Nassib border crossing, were transferring their equipment and forces to Quneitra and northwest of Daraa province, and the possibility of military operations, with the aim of the Tal al Harrah is high.


Tal al Harrah and its radar base are the most important height in the western part of Daraa province, which has a vast operational view on the Houran plain and Quneitra and also parts of the occupied Golan.


Images of targeting the Syrian Army positions by the Israeli regime


On the other hand, the reconciliation talks in Daraa province between the Syrian-Russian delegations and militants groups continue.


– Militants in southeast of Daraa are surrendering their weapons to Syrian army.(Busr al Sham, etc..)


– Militants inside the Daraa city which encircled by the SAA, accepted the reconciliations and will evacuate the city in coming days. Currently the terms of this agreement are being discussed.

According to our field source, so far the evacuation of 1,000 militants and their families from Daraa city to northern Syria has been finalized. But the exact destination of the militants is still unclear, and may be Afrin or Jarablus.


– Yesterday was announced that the areas of Tafas, Inkhel, Samlin, Kafr Shams, Kafr Nāsej, Aqraba in the west of Daraa province agreed with the reconciliations, and the armed groups will hand over their weapons to Syrian army and withdraw from these areas in the coming days and those who do not want leave can settle their affairs and stay in the area.


Following this news from yesterday afternoon the Russian forces entered Tafas and as well as Yadudah village and today the Syrian army entered Tal al Ash`ary area in west of Tafas.

At the moment, negotiations with the armed groups of Muzayrib continue to surrender the village to the Syrian army.

Also, pictures of the arrival of SAA forces and armored vehicles in the city of Enkhil in the western province of Daraa were released which shows the progress of the reconciliations and the liberation of the city of Enkhel.


Left: SAA in Inkhil ; Right: Russian in Tafas



PS: Muzayrib has liberated too.

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