Why did a Syrian newspaper criticize Hamas?

 Damir Nazarov
Author: Damir Nazarov
Tuesday 6 September 2022 - 19:22

Immediately after the battle of the “unity of squares”, the Syrian newspaper Al-Watan published an article titled “Hamas betrayed the resistance and responded to aggression with statements.” In the context of Hassan Nasr-Allah’s recent statements about the inevitable reconciliation between Hamas and Assad, the Syrians decided to criticize the leading Palestinian party. Why? Does official Damascus really consider Hamas inclined to “compromise with the enemy” or does it still not trust them as an Islamic organization? My opinion is that it’s not about Hamas, it’s just that we are witnessing a battle of projects within the Axis of Resistance.

It is extremely important for the Iranians and Hezbollah that Hamas not only return its headquarters to Syria, but also establish itself firmly in this Arab republic. Thus, this will make it possible to realize the IRGC’s long-standing idea of creating a million-strong Palestinian army with an Islamic ideology. Hamas is the leading party and from the point of view of certain circles in Iran, it is they who can lead hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees from Lebanon, Syria and Jordan to the final battles for the holy al-Quds.

In contrast to this idea, the old functionaries of the BAATH of Syria act, who believe that Zionism should be fought within the framework of “international law”, and the Palestinians should resist purely on “their territories”. Therefore, officials of the era of Hafiz Assad believe that the presence of not only Hamas, even the Iranians and Hezbollah is “harmful” for Syria. But not all representatives of the establishment share the opinion of the “old people” about the departure of the Iranians. Some of the military and military intelligence representatives close to Bashar believe that a war with Zionism is inevitable and the Palestinians will be allowed to use the territory of Syria to fight the enemy, but it is important to strengthen the Palestinian Jihad as opposed to Hamas. This approach is dictated by the opinion of officials from political intelligence, where they believe that the repeated presence of Hamas in Syria and their obvious success in the “liberation campaign” against al-Quds will become an “infectious example” for Muslim activists who are ready now in alliance with the Iranians to create a number of Islamic parties for subsequent “enlightenment” Syria. Why is the political intelligence of the Syrian Arab Republic afraid of Hamas, and not the Palestinian Jihad? Since Hamas is a political party, and the PIJ is more of a military organization. In the current situation, it is the Hamas model that will be more attractive to Syrians.

The Baathists feel that every day brings the end of the epic with Hamas closer, so provocateurs focused on the above-mentioned political circles are trying to delay the Iranian plan to reconcile Assad with Hamas as much as possible.

P.S. I would like to add that projects with Hamas or Palestinian Jihad at the forefront are designated in the context of the idea of involving the Palestinians as a key force of the Axis of Resistance. This is one of the many projects of the Quds force, which is not limited to the names of Palestinian parties or organizations. There are many other projects where, for example, the Iraqis or Hezbollah will play the main role in the liberation, but in any case, the Palestinian factor will be at the forefront of the struggle for the holy land of Islam.

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