Latest Updates on Yemen, 30 October 2022

Sunday 30 October 22 - 19:09

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Dahm and Bakil tribes held a rally and military exercise in the border areas with Saudi Arabia in protest against the arrest of Sheikh Amin Al-Akimi, the governor of Hadi government for the Al-Jawf province.

1- Shabwa:
– On October 25, the Shabwa Defense Forces claimed to have shot down an unidentified drone over the Ataq Airport. Also, another drone was observed over the Haradh base, which the Shabwa Defense Forces failed to shoot down. The Shabwa Defense Forces claimed that these drones belongs to the Islah Party and made by Turkey.
– On October 27, several members of Hizam al-Amni forces were killed and injured due to a bomb explosion in the Al-Musayna’a area located in Al-Saeed district. The Ansar al-Sharia group (the ally of ISIS in Yemen) has taken responsibility for this attack.
– On October 29, the process of oil production in the oil fields of Shabwa province has been halted since two days ago due to the filling of tanks in Al-Nashimah port, the inability of foreign ships to transfer oil, and the threats of Ansar Allah.
– On October 29, local sources in the oil fields of Ayaz region announced that the companies operating in the oil fields of Al-Janah and Al-Aqlah are planning to leave these areas within the next two weeks due to the threats of Ansar Allah. These companies asked the resigned government of Hadi to find serious solutions to solve this problem.

Ansar al-Sharia attack on the vehicle of Hizam al-Amni militants in Al-Musayna’a area

2- Hadhramaut:
On October 25, after the flight of unknown drones (most likely Ansar Allah) over the city of Al-Mukalla, the electricity supply of this city was cut off and the operation of the port was disrupted. Also, the attempt of the Saudi coalition forces to shoot down the drones were unsuccessful.

3- Aden:
Ahmad Bin Brik, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, called for the separation of the southern regions from Yemen and said: “Ansar Allah drones enter the areas controlled by Ansar Allah through containers imported from the port of Aden.”

4- Hudaydah:
– On October 26, the Saudi coalition released two ships carrying diesel, one ship carrying gasoline and one ship carrying gas after a week of seizure. This illegal seizure took place while these ships had received permission to enter Hudaydah port from the United Nations.
– The Saudi-led coalition forces violated the ceasefire 123 times in the last 48 hours in this province.

5- Marib and Al-Jawf:
– On October 29, the tribes of Marib and Al-Riyan region in the east of Al-Jawf province gathered and protested for the release of Sheikh Amin Al-Akimi, the governor of the resigned government of Al-Jawf.
– On October 29, the armed men of the Dahm and Bakil tribes gathered and held a military maneuver in support of the Islah party in the border areas of Al-Jawf province with Saudi Arabia, demanding the release of Sheikh Amin al-Akeimi. These tribes have also requested support from Kholan and Arhab tribes in Sana’a province on behalf of Islah Party. (More about Sheikh Amin Al-Akeim)

6- Lahij:
On October 30, as a result of the clashes between Ansar Allah and the Southern Transitional Council militants on the Krash front in Lahij province, a number of southern militants, including Mohammad Suwayd Al-Ba’sousi, one of the STC field commanders were killed and several others were injured.

7- Al-Baydha:
On October 30, a reconnaissance drone of the Saudi coalition was shot down over the southern front of Al Baydha province.

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