U.S. Ambassador, Stage Manager Of The Developments In The Occupied Areas Of Yemen

Tuesday 27 December 2022 - 18:39

ISWNews Analysis Group: The illegal actions of the US in the occupied areas of Yemen have increased with Steven Fagin’s role in the recent developments in the provinces of Marib, Al-Jawf, Shabwa and Hadhramaut.

According to sources inside Al-Jawf tribes, Al-Jawf governor Hossein al-Awadhi, during his meeting with US ambassador Steven Fagin on December 20, handed him a list of military leaders and tribes affiliated with the Islah Party And has accused them of preventing the work process of the Yemeni government in this province. This action has led to the relocation of the head of the Al-Jawf tribes and the senior members of the Islah Party in the city of Marib.

The appointment of Hossein Al-Awadhi to the post of Al-Jawf Governorate was made after the arrest of Sheikh Amin Al-Akimi in Saudi Arabia. Al-Awadhi is one of the prominent members of the People’s Congress Party and people close to Tareq Saleh, and his governorship is the result of Tareq’s close relations with the United Arab Emirates and the United States. In fact, Tareq Saleh has become the main lever of the US to advance its goals in Marib and Shabwa after settling in the southwest of Yemen.

It should be noted that the US military actions in Yemen in recent months have gone beyond the construction of bases, looting of oil resources and drone attacks, and their military advisors are training forces called “Border Guard” in the coastal areas of Hadhramaut and Al-Mahrah. The budget for the training and formation of this guard was provided by the United States, and the purpose of its formation is to help control and monitor the southern waters of Yemen.

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