Latest Updates on Yemen 18 July 2018; Latest Updated on Fronts
Gallery, Image, Media, Middle East, News, Yemen 19 July 2018

1- Marib:

Ansarallah forces & popular movement committees have gain control over Al Matar hill and a chain of heights around the region of Zaghan in Sarwah governorate ( The photos are about these clashes)


2- Al-Hudaydah:

The UAE-backed forces said that their goal for continuing the operation is Zubayd & Al-Husayniah, and right now they are stopped in countryside of Zubayd.
Ansarallah’s attacks was in south of Al-Hudaydah; in regions of Adeen, Ad Durayhimi, north of Tuhayta and Jabilah.


3. The operation of Ansarallah & popular movement committees against AlQaeda & ISIL in Noufan mountain and other bases in Qurayshiya.


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