Northern Syria under Turkish constant airstrikes!

Wednesday 23 November 22 - 07:56

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish warplanes and artillery carried out air strikes and artillery attacks on PKK and SDF bases in northern Syria, targeting more than 90 positions.

On November 22, the Turkish army and its militants struck positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the city of Tal Rafaat, Shahba area, the eastern and western suburbs of Ain al-Arab city, the Sherawa area in the outskirts of Afrin, the north of the city of Manbij located in Aleppo province, the east of the city of Qamishli and a joint base of the US coalition and the SDF counter-terrorism unit located in Hasakah province.

Following these attacks, the Turkish aircraft entered the northern territory of Syria and struck positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces near the city of Tal Tamar, oil installations in Qahtaniyah area in the east of Qamishli, the village of Tal Tawil and Zarkan in the Hasakah province. It is said that the Menagh military airport was also targeted by the Turkish aircraft , and as a result, several Syrian army forces were martyred and injured. So far, no information has been published on the exact amount of casualties and damages of these attacks.

In response to these attacks, the Kurdish militia targeted the Turkish army base in the Kaljabrin village and the city of Azaz (under the control of Turkish-backed militants), during which several people were killed and wounded.

The Kurdish militia also targeted the Salama border crossing and the city of Kilis in the south of Turkey with rocket attacks. It is said that seven rockets were fired from inside Syria to the south of Turkey, and so far no statistics on the casualties of this attack have been published.

A video of several rockets hitting southern Turkey

The Turkish airstrikes on northern Syria have increased while taking into account the words of the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at the opening ceremony of the Yusuf Ili dam and hydropower plant, regarding the eradication of terrorists using weapons and military forces, the possibility of starting Turkish ground operations in the north Syria has dramatically increased. Turkish President has said Turkey’s actions would not be limited to aerial strikes.

“We have been on top of the terrorists for the past few days with our planes, artillery and drones, As soon as possible, we will root out all of them together with our tanks and soldiers. From now on, there is only one measure for us. There is only one border. (And that is) the safety of our own country, our own citizens. It is our most legitimate right to go where this security is ensured,” Erdogan said.

This issue has made Russia and America react.

The spokesperson of the White House stated in this regard:

“Turkey is suffering from a terrorist threat and has the right to defend itself, but the US positions regarding Turkish ground operations in northern Syria are firm. We are worried that the new operations of the Turkish army will weaken our partners (Syrian Democratic Forces) and this will affect their fight against the ISIS terrorist group.”

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Kremlin also said:

“Turkey’s military operation in northern Syria is a legitimate right, and Moscow respects and understands Ankara’s security concerns. We call on all parties to refrain from any destabilizing actions.”

It is worth mentioning that after the bomb attack in the Istiklal Street of Istanbul city, Turkish authorities blamed the attack on the PKK and its Syrian affiliate the YPG. Turkish authorities claims that the order for this explosion was issued from the Syrian city of Ain al-Arab. Following the incident, from the morning of November 20, the Turkish army started an air campaign called “Operation Claw-Sword” against the Kurdish militias on northern regions of Iraq and Syria.

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