The Saudi-Backed Yemeni Government Hands Over The Al-Qishn Coasts To The UAE

Tuesday 3 January 2023 - 17:10

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Saudi-Backed government of Yemen signed a contract to hand over the coastal area of Ras Sherwin, located in al-Qishn administration in al-Mahra province to an Emirati company named “Ajham” by the order of Moein Abdul Malik, the Prime Minister of the resigned government.

According to this contract, Ajham Company will get the privilege of exporting Yemeni minerals, including limestone, by building a port in the coastal area of Ras Sherwin, in return for paying one hundred million dollars to the resigned government. This port will include a one-kilometer-long multi-level coastal strip, a 300-meter-long pier and a 14-meter-long water inlet in the first phase.

The name Ras Sherwin is derived from the Sherwin mountain range on the shores of al-Qishn administration. These heights are rich in rare minerals and its occupation by the UAE will most likely also disrupt the activities of Yemeni fishermen on the shores of Al-Mahra.

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