Yemen: Pro-Islah Party Militants Attacks The UAE Assets In Northern Abyan

Wednesday 11 January 2023 - 13:13

ISWNews Analysis Group – The supporters and armed men of Islah Party stormed a military base in Lawdar district belonging to the UAE-backed Hizam al-Amni forces and looted their weapons warehouse and set the vehicles on fire.

After several months of tension between the supporters of the Islah Party (Reform Party) and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the district of Lawdar in the Abyan province, the supporters and militants of the Southern Resistance affiliated with the Islah Party attacked the military base of Hizam al-Amini forces affiliated with the Southern Transitional Council in the area.

They looted the weapons warehouse along with its equipment. After the Hizam al-Amini forces escaped from Lawdar, the pro-Islah Party forces set fire to vehicles and the remaining military hardware.

Also, this fierce conflict has resulted in the death of at least 10 militia members from both sides and the injury of several others.

According to local sources, the STC is trying to take revenge on Southern Resistance and the tribes of al-Udhalah (supporter of Islah party) by sending artillery equipment to Lawdar. This attack can be considered as the starting point of new conflicts between Islah party and Southern Transitional Council in Abyan province.

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