Yemen: Al-Dara’ Al-Watan Militants Advancing Towards Marib

Tuesday 7 February 2023 - 11:25

ISWNews Analysis Group – After rumors about the dispatch of Al-Dara al-Watan’s militants to Marib city, the Al-Islah Party deployed its militants at the eastern entrance of Marib to block public roads in that area.

Following the fresh victories of Al-Dara’ al-Watan militants in light of supports made by Saudi Arabia and Tareq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, a Yemeni military commander and the nephew of the late President Ali Abdullah Saleh, there are rumors about dispatching Al-Dara al-Watan’s militants to Marib with the aim of assisting Lieutenant General Sagheer bin Aziz, a Yemeni politician, member of parliament and military officer who is the current chief of the Yemeni Armed Forces Staff.

Such informal news stories have led to the formation of a checkpoint of Al-Islah Party militants at the eastern entrance of Marib as well as the supervision of traffic in the military front. It is also asserted that Al-Islah Party militants embarked on blocking the eastern roads of Marib city since Saturday February 4.

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As a result of the exacerbation of the advances by Al-Islah Party militants in the eastern districts of Marib city, the militants of the Al Ma’ili tribe, who were displeased with the movements of Al-Islah Party in the past time, erected a checkpoint in Al-Ardamia district and engaged in confrontations with Al-Islah Party militants. The fighting between Al-Islah Party and Al Maiili tribe left a number of militants from both sides killed and injured.

The Saudi-led coalition’s failures in confronting the Ansar Allah fighters ended up in the surge of chaos in the occupied territories of Yemen, paved the way for different factions under the command of the Saudi-led coalition in particular the Southern Transitional Council and the Al-Islah Party to find an opportunity to seek more power. And nowadays, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are attempting to create a new pawn via training fresh mercenary forces such as Al-Dara’ Al-Watan and Al-Amaliqa militants in order to control older militant groups such as the Al-Islah Party and the Southern Transitional Council, and it is worth mentioning that the strategy has been effective so far.

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