Al-Dara Al-Watan Took Control Of Al-Wadiah Crossing

Wednesday 10 May 2023 - 20:21

ISWNews Analysis Group – Al-Dara al-Watan forces took control of Al-Wadiah border crossing in Hadhramaut province by the order of the Saudi coalition command in Yemen.

Following the order of the Saudi coalition command to the forces of Hashem al-Ahmar to withdraw from Al-Wadiah border crossing in Hadhramaut province, Al-Dara al-Watan (Nation Shield) forces will be deployed in this area. Hashem al-Ahmar has started withdrawing his forces from this area and handing it over to Al-Dar al-Watan on Tuesday, May 9.

This relocation is part of the new agreement between Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the occupied areas of Yemen. According to this agreement, Emirati forces will withdraw from their positions in Shabwah province and the forces loyal to Saudi Arabia will enter these areas. Considering the recent actions of Saudi Arabia in Shabwah province, the next possible step will be to enter the city of Ataq, the capital of this province.

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Major General Hashem al-Ahmar is one of the parliamentarians and military personnel of the Yemeni army during the time of Ali Abdullah Saleh, who operates independently under the orders of the Saudi coalition. In the past years, after leaving Sana’a, Hashem al-Ahmar managed to gather his forces and was able to receive the mission of controlling and securing the al-Wadiah crossing from the Saudi coalition command. In the clashes of the summer of 2022 between the Islah Party (Reform Party) and the Southern Transitional Council (STC), he entered into a battle with the STC militants, but he could not maintain his positions in al-Wadiah crossing and left this area, and finally returned to this area with the mediation of Saudi Arabia. Now, Hashem al-Ahmar was removed from the post of al-Wadiah crossing. According to local sources, Hasham al-Ahmar’s forces have been sent to the Kataf district front in the north of Saada province.

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