Latest Updates On Afghanistan 1 August 2018; Return of General Dostum to Afghanistan and Clashes between Taliban and ISIS in Jozjan

1. Muhammad Muhaqqiq one of the leaders of “Coalition For Saving Afghanistan”: It is said that general Dostum ,first deputy for the president, went to Turkey for medical treatment.

The American representatives & European union & Britain all asked me to not try to bring back the first deputy.

General Dostum —the leader of Uzbek people in Afghanistan, and one of the main opposition against Taliban and Ashraf Ghani’s government— after a long time of unofficial exile in Turkey, under the people’s pressure have returned to Afghanistan


2. Sporadic attacks of Taliban against the Shia populated region of “Karabakh” of Ghazni province, continues.

In these recent clashes 22 of armed opposition forces were killed and forced to retreat.


3. Heavy clashes between Taliban & ISIS in Jozjan province.

Following up the heavy clashes between Taliban & ISIS in Jozjan province, more than 300 were killed from both sides, and hundreds of families of the region are displaced and besieged.

Also in the suicide attack of ISIS against Taliban forces in Sarpol province, some of the high ranking commanders of Taliban were killed.


(Image: ISIS, published a video of beheading a Taliban commander and his soldiers in Darzab city, of Jowzjan province.)


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